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Car Wrap Terms

All of our car and van wrapping work is subject to the following terms and conditions.

All orders are subject to a minimum 50% deposit payment being paid prior to ordeing of materials or booking in. On commercial vehicles our quoted prices do not include full coverage of the roof area unless clearly stated in our quotation. A deposit payment will be taken as confirmation along with an email of your order and agreement and we will enter into a contract with you for the outlined work and order materials to fulfill the work required. This deposit is not returnable in full due to a material handling fee which will be charged if you decide to cancel. This cancellation fee is currently set at £150.00 +VAT and is to cover returns costs, but may be different for certain material applications such as chrome wraps where a cancellation fee will be advised.

We are flexible in our pricing and offers.

We understand that the cost of modifying your vehicle is a great expense, and will where possible be happy to negotiate prices to help secure the work and leave both parties happy to move forward with the work. If you have had another quote from elsewhere, send it over to us and we will see what we can offer to gain the work.

Before we can start any work.

We ask for every vehicle to have been washed the day before application takes place. If a vehicle due to have branding applied is delivered in an unwashed condition with no prior arrangement having been made, a preparation charge of £35.00 will be added to the original quotation. We then have to ensure that all tar, grease, wax and silicone deposits are removed with a special surface cleaner prior to application starting, otherwise the install could fail. This additional cleaning includes full paintwork preparation to the areas branding is to be fitted. On vehicles that need extra cleaning we will advise of the new timescale and additional costs which will need to be agreed prior to any work starting.

Should badges need to be removed we will use a silicon squeegee to prize them off and then remove the adhesive carefully, at all times the very best care will be taken, but on occasion this can damage the badge or slightly mark the surface lacquer of the vehicle and may require a t-cut or polish when the vinyls are removed at a later date. This is at times unavoidable and is part of the work requried and we are not resposible for future required work in relation to the removal of badges or trim.

Vehicle delivery / collection

We cannot be responsible for the delivery or collection of any vehicle, if it is not possible for you or your organisation to deliver and collect any vehicle booked in for branding with us then we will suggest a suitable transport company who can help. We are not responsible for any vehicle in transit and your contract will be with the transport company directly..

Application times

Our quoted application times are estimates based on work previously completed, however on occasion these times can be slightly incorrect. This can be due to a number of reasons including late delivery of the vehicle, the supplied working conditions not being suitable, the vehicle not being clean and dry, or the type of material that has been requested or supplied. In these situations we will know fairly early on in the branding process and will advise of the delay and the reason for this. We would advise you to build a buffer day into your schedule to account for this if possible. It is in your interests that we reserve the right to withdraw from your application if these conditions are not correct. It is your responsibility to have the vehicle on site and ready for application when agreed, delays moving vehicles and waiting for fitting areas to become available will inevitably incur additional charges as fitting times will over run. Our minimum daily charge is 4 hours at a rate of £22.50 per hour per person plus travel costs @ 45p per mile per vehicle. Any return visit will need to fit in around our other commitments.

Warranty terms - vehicles less than 12 months old only

Any warranty offered is based directly on the vinyls that are being used and the manufactures stated uses and limitations. All production processes and additionally all of our required application conditions must also be met. It is compulsory that if fitting any graphics at your supplied address, you allow us indoor installation of the graphics in a dry and dust free environment and the vehicle panel temperature is between 10 and 23 degrees Centigrade.

The surface of the vinyls is soft and can mark during application of some finishes, also printed wraps can discolour when stretched around panel edges. We work with a flat materials onto a 3D surfaces and these materials have limits, because of this we may have to trim or fit joins in some areas. We will try to keep all joins and application marks discreet and to a minimum where possible.

Paintwork conditions

Your vehicles paintwork may look immaculate, but due to us not knowing the history of any vehicle we apply either vinyl graphics or vehicle wrapping products to, we are unable to offer any guarantees that the underlying paintwork will not be damaged upon removal of the branding/wrap products. If a vehicle has had previous body work or paintwork then there is a small chance that upon removal some may lift, however this is not always the case. The vinyl adhesive will not effect original paintwork in this way.

It is advised that for promotional vehicles such as Taxi’s in particular, a contigency fund is set aside or built into the rental of each vehicle to cover possible paintwork repair. This is the responsibility of the person or organisation placing an order with us and unless stated otherwise is not our responsibility..