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free vehicle graphic design service

car wrap vinyl

the correct material choice is essential
vehicle specific designs

With nearly 20 years experience of designing graphics and wraps for vehicles, we know how to design and produce a graphics kit that is tailored to each panel of the vehicle, we try to ensure joins are not mid panel but hidden in shuts and panel lines.

Free design service

Our free design service is baesd on us offering a quotation for the proposed work, and then submitting a totally free initial layout. After this point we ask for a 50% deposit to be paid and we will then offer as many revisions as required for no additional cost.

any Additional charges?

The only additional charges would come from additional images that may be required for the design work, or for any major change in the layout specification

if you have your own design

This is not a problem, we can work with most supplied file types and even match existing branding you have on other vehicles should you just want to change supplier.

carbonfx is part of a group that can handle any scale of project anywhere in the UK

Whether it’s a one off private car wrap or a large national fleet of 1000 vehicles, we can offer a suitable solution through carbonfx or our commercial business which can be found at

With over 20 years vehicle branding experience we cater for all applications and we can brand anything, even if you don't have a vehicle but need your message to get to millions of people why not rent a couple of Taxis through us, or hire an advan or wrap a local bus.

team vehicle wraps

design and implementation of complete motorsport packages

We take time and care at all stages of the application process making sure no stage of the process is rushed, wraps are generally installed over 2-3 days depending on the project to ensure that fatigue is not an issue and mistakes are not made.

rally cars to motorbikes

We can offer a complete package deal on all forms of motorsport branding from a small karting team through to a pitlane garage and trailers to transport car and bikes in.

Material choices and limits

We offer a huge range of colours and surface finishes for wrapping your vehicle, boat, motorbike or jetski and have sample swatches available to view in our workshops. We will always advise if the project has any areas that the materials can't cope with and will find a solution.