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the correct material choice is essential
Colour change wrap vinyls

We have access to 100's of colour change vinyls some of which match existing fleets such as DHL Yellow, Parcelforce Red, UPS Brown, TNT Orange along with others, and are the exact same quality as specified by these fleets. This means we can help ensure your vehicle meets the contractural brand requirements sometimes enforced by your employer.

Don't use paint

Colour change vinyl wraps are sold as 'paint replacement' products. The vinyl is applied over a shorter period than paint, is a cheaper option and is removable at the end of a contract. It also protects the clean white paint underneath.


During the application process, we remove certain parts of the vehicle to ensure a top quality edge finish, we clean and prep each panel and totally cover all visible (from ground level) painted areas.

DHL - Parcelforce - TNT - UPS - Citylink

We are able to remove an existing livery and replace with a new base colour wrap if required. We recently stripped 2 x Citylink Transits and turned them into 2 TNT Transits over a 3 day period.

carbonfx is part of a group that can handle any scale of project anywhere in the UK

Whether it’s a one off private car wrap or a large national fleet of 1000 vehicles, we can offer a suitable solution.

With over 20 years vehicle branding experience we cater for all applications and we can brand anything, even if you don't have a vehicle but need your message to get to millions of people why not rent a couple of Taxis through us, or hire an advan or wrap a local bus.

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delivery depot deals

package deals for parcel vans

We can set up a standard rate for each vehicle in your fleet, we also work with a leading leasing company, and between us we can supply a wrapped van ready for the road anywhere in the UK.

evenings and weekends

We understand that your vehicle is your source of income and as such where possible we will work over a weekend or around your plans to ensure a smooth wrapping process with the minimum disruption.

TNT Van Wrap

Material choices and limits

We offer a huge range of colours and surface finishes for wrapping your vehicle, boat, motorbike or jetski and have sample swatches available to view in our workshops. We will always advise if the project has any areas that the materials can't cope with and will find a solution.